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What Makes A Great Manager?
Supervision tips and free resources.  Answers to supervision and management situations.


Winning cover letters and resumes lead to winning interviews - Try the recommended resources below:

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Testing for most civil service jobs happens only periodically and sometimes as little as once every two years.  An exam may consist of one test or a number of different tests.  Note that once you pass the test and you're on a civil service list, you'll be interviewed to determine if you receive a job offer.  Make the most of your opportunity with the resources below.



Interview Tips, Strategies and Sample Questions from job-interview.net


  1. Master the Nursing School & Allied Health Exams, Peterson, 2012

  2. NCLEX Online Practice Test - Start now with immediate access! 

  3. Kaplan NCLEX-RN: Medications You Need to Know for the Exam,  Kaplan, 2008

  4. NCLEX-RN w/CD-ROM, Kaplan

  5. Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams: Your Complete Guide to Getting Into Nursing School, Kaplan, 2008

  6. NCLEX Classroom Course, Kaplan

  7. NCLEX Computer Diagnostic

  8. Nursing Made Insanely Easy, Kaplan

  9. Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy, Kaplan

  10. The Smart Way: Introduction to Writing for Nurses - Kaplan

  11. Soar to Success: Do Your Best on Nursing Tests, Kaplan 


Guides with reader recommendations are in bold.

Need help for a specific subject such as word problems and math?  Click here for guides and free help for the most difficult test areas.

The most often requested study guides are listed below.  If you don't see the guide that you're looking for, enter the title of the job in the search box below.


  1. Addictions Nurse, Jack Rudman, 2007

  2. Certified Addictions Registered Nurse, Jack Rudman, 2011

  3. Medical Record Librarian, 2011 

  4. Pharmacy Technician, Jack Rudman, 2005

  5. Physician's Assistant, Jack Rudman, 2013

  6. Speech Pathologist, Jack Rudman, 2011

  7. X-Ray Technician, Jack Rudman, 2013

  8. X-Ray Technician I, Jack Rudman, 2013

  9. X-Ray Technician II, Jack Rudman, 1997

  10. X-Ray Technician III, Jack Rudman, 1994

  11. Principal X-Ray Technician, Jack Rudman, 2006

  12. Senior X-Ray Technician III, Jack Rudman, 2009


Testing for a supervisor's position?  Review these resources:

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