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Public Service Job Resources

Finding a Government Job and Government Job Listings (Federal, State and Local Government

A career in government is the focus for the University of Toledo.

Nonprofit Career Network is for nonprofit professionals.  Includes worldwide job listings and a resume database.


  1. Federal Applications That Get Results : From Sf 171s to
    Federal-Style Resumes (Serial)
    , 1996

  2. The Right Sf 171 Writer : The Complete Guide to Communicating Your Qualifications to Federal Employers, 1994

Public Service Career Guides

  1. 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for (1st Ed), Leslie Hamilton (Introduction), Robert Tragert, 1998

  2. Civil Service Career Starter, 1997

  3. Civil Service Handbook : Everything You Need to Know to Get a Civil Service Job (13th Ed), Hy Hammer (Editor) / 1998

  4. The Complete Guide to Public Employment, 1994

  5. Federal Civil Service Jobs (12th Ed), 1998

  6. Federal Jobs: The Ultimate Guide (2nd Ed), 1997 - RECOMMENDED

  7. Find a Federal Job Fast: How to Cut the Red Tape and
    Get Hired (4th Ed)

  8. Government Job Finder: 1997-2000 (3rd Ed) (Job Finders Series), Daniel Lauber / 1997

  9. Non-Profits and Education Job Finder : 1997-2000 (1997 Ed), Daniel Lauber / 1997

  10. The Book of U. S. Government Jobs : Where They Are, What's Available, & How to Get One, Dennis V. Damp, Victor Richards, 1996

  11. Working for Your Uncle: The Complete Guide to Finding a Job With the Federal Government (2nd Ed), 1998

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