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Nationally recognized resume expert Kevin Donlin offers tips and advice on putting your best foot forward with your resume.  Kevin has been featured in the Wall Street Journal's Career Journal, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Career Magazine, and TIME Digital Magazine.  Check out his latest tip.  Plus, check out our resume resources - general guides and guides for specific careers and jobs.

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200 cover letters are brought to you by CareerLab.

The Damn Good Resume site from Yana Parker offers tips from her books including 52 Job-search Q & A's, 25 Tough Resume PROBLEMS, and 24 Hot TIPS.

e-Resumes offers a step-by-step guide to preparing your resume w/ samples.

Federal resume writing from The Resume Place, Inc., with on-line assistance. is a new career site for entry-level Canadian career seekers. - Get your resume e-mailed to as many as 3,000 subscribed recruiters! Get Maximum Exposure!  

The Job Market offers an on-line resume builder, correspondence library, and resume library.


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