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Government Jobs Q&A

How do I find a government job near my home?

There is no single database of all local, State and Federal government jobs.

Commercial websites don't list all open jobs and there is no single website for all open local and State jobs.   The listings that you find on commercial websites for local or State government jobs are either executive jobs, jobs that are hard to fill, or jobs where a wider candidate pool is desired.  Most commercial websites charge for job listings and government agencies don't have the money to list all job openings. 

Find local government jobs or use our quick links If you live near one of the 20 biggest US cities.  Start preparing for the test for your State or Local Government job at Civil Service Test Study Plan.

How do I find a Federal job?

You may search for Federal jobs by agency, by job category (professional, clerical etc.), and by region or state at our Federal Jobs page.  Also, check out our links that take you direct to the top Federal jobs.  Note that the application process for Federal jobs is different from State and local government jobs and requires a specific resume style.  Start preparing for the test for your Federal job at Civil Service Test Study Plan.

How do I apply for a job with the US Department of Homeland Security?

Check the USA Jobs website for information on working for the Department of Homeland Security.  Veterans - The Department of Homeland Security has an active recruitment program for veterans.

How do I apply for a postal service job?

Information on postal service jobs including test sites exam dates may be obtained at http://www.usps.com/employment/ . Check out the sample postal service test questions and answers at Postal Test Guides.

Where can I find the questions on a civil service test?

You can't.  Test questions to upcoming tests are not available.  Some agencies may make past questions available.  Check our Civil Service Exam and Test for sample questions and test guides.

What are the job opportunities for Veterans with the Federal Government?

There are specific employment programs for Veterans. Additional job seeking resources are available at our Federal Jobs page.






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