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Government JOBSearch Guide for inside tips:

  • How do I find a  government job?

  • Which jobs are advertised? 

  • Which agencies pay more? 

  • Why should I visit a government website? 

  • How do I have the agency notify me of job openings?

  • Where do I find test locations and test dates?

  • Which key words do I use on my application?




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Government Jobs Overview

Follow our five easy steps for a government job.  Government job keys are highlighted and shown in bold italics.

  1. Government Jobs - Overview
  1. Government JOBSearchTM - Job Listings, Links and Databases 
  2. How to Apply for a Government Job  
  3. Getting Hired - Civil Service Exams and Tests
  4. Your Government Job Benefits  


Where are government jobs? 
Jobs exist at the Federal, State, county, city and local government level.  Local government jobs may include utilities, schools and hospitals.

If you limit yourself to working in a particular city or county, then the availability of a Federal, state or local government job may also be limited.

Government job opportunities
Opportunities are announced either through a bulletin or job announcement.  The opportunities are open either for a given period of time with a closing date, or are continuous.  Continuous opportunities may be closed by the agency at any time.  

Job bulletins or announcements are posted at government offices, sometimes published in newspapers, and sometimes posted on the Internet.  Identify government jobs openings by:

  • From the comfort of your home, review our Neighborhood JOBSearchTM and Government JOBSearchTM databases.  We only list those agencies that list job openings on the Internet. 

  • Call the government agencies in the city that you're interested in.  You can find these agencies by looking in the telephone book.  Ask for the personnel or human resources office.  Describe  your experience and training and ask for help in identifying potential job opportunities. 

If you identify a job opportunity and the agency is not taking applications, you may ask to be notified when applications will be taken by filling out a request.  A number of agencies provide e-mail notification.

  • Visit the government agencies in the locations that you're interested in.  Follow the same steps as you would in calling the agency.

There is no single database that includes all Federal, State and local government job openings.

What kinds of government jobs are available?
Government jobs are filled as either open, promotional, or exempt.  Open jobs are open to non-civil service employees.   Promotional jobs are opportunities for only civil service employees of the agency announcing the job.  Promotional jobs may also be referred to as "promotive" or "promo".  

Exempt positions are exempt from civil service protection.  These positions are usually for limited (jobs of a limited duration), part-time positions or for executive positions where the job holder serves at the discretion of a top executive, council, or board.  Almost all government jobs are filled by establishing a list of eligible candidates through an examination process.

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