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On The Job - Information Technology

On The Job - Information Technology Job Guide provides valuable information technology information through on-line newsletters, identification of hot topics, issue discussions, and definitions. 

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A sampling of questions for IT professionals from the MCSE, CNE, and A+ examinations.  Brought to you by ForeFront Direct.

Certified Network Expert candidates check out this pre-test guide covering Ethernet, FDDI, LAN cabling and token ring with sample questions

Fiber optics with CFOT test information and on-line learning.

Free exams to assist you in MCSE and CNE certification from Test Free.


Society for Information Management requires membership to access issues advocacy and discussion forums.

National Association of State Telecommunications Directors offers access to public documents submitted to the FCC.

National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors

Communications Manager Association provides regulatory updates and access to "CMA Review".

National Association of State Information Resource Executives highlights hot issues and has StateSearch, a directory for state government information arranged by subject.

The Association of College & University Telecommunications Administrators offers legislation and regulation, strategic plan, and access to newsletters.

Association for Information & Image Management International provides access to industry information, selected articles from publications, and links to ANSI/ISO Standards Program, DMA/ODMA, and the Workflow Management Coalition.


Drivers for your personal computer from Driver Headquarters and

Online computer library from Macmillan Computer Publishing offers registered users up to five books to view online for free.  Included are programming, how-to, and certification guides.

PC Help Online helps you avoid searching all over the Internet trying to locate a specific company or information to cure your PC woes by organizing all the PC information online to make it easy for you to get to it.

TechStation is a convenient collection of links to technical support resources on the Web. All listed links go directly to vendors' support pages.

ZDNET offers everything from creating columns in Word to recovering data after a Windows crash. Plus tips, answers, free downloads and expert assistance.


Center for Technology in Government provides valuable information on projects and working papers. The CTG Toolbox features best practice guides and handbooks.

Link to CIO magazine for information technology issues, access to archives, and forums on government.

Complete Intranet Resource features articles, case studies, white papers and more for establishing and operating an intranet.

Computer Training Handbook from Newell Usher provides tips on how to be a trainer, managing training, providing technical support, along with  sample training forms and course outlines.

The Gartner Group website offers selected research and articles online.Identify trends in information technology and knowledge strategy.

The Information Management Forum focuses on management at the CIO level.

Institute for Electronic Government offers research and policy information.

Definitions of new words for net technology.

Network Magazine provides practical info for networking and IT professionals.  Take advantage of the free membership and access to over 100 free tutorials.

States.Org features the States Inventory Project that inventories the states' National Information Infrastructure (NII) activities.

The Total Cost of Ownership Calculator provides the framework to help you understand and reduce computing costs.

Tech Web, The Technology News Site covers the technology business.

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