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On The Job - Logistics

On The Job - Logistics is a collection of links to the latest information. The links provide valuable information through on-line newsletters, identification of hot topics, issue discussions, and definitions.

 Look to these other pages for additional Logistics resources:


National Association of Purchasing Managers offers internet delivered courses for college credits and continuing education. Check out CAPS (Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies) with best practices and benchmarking information.

National Association of State Purchasing Officials website highlights procurement reform initiatives with examples from throughout the country.



Computer Shopper magazine contains advice, product comparisons, and recommendations.

Warehouse Supervisor magazine

Warehousing Management magazine provides the latest news, trends and events for warehousing and distribution managers.

Logistics Today newsletter features downloadable info on outsourcing and back issues.

Buysmart provides expert advice on buying a variety of equipment with up-to-the minute information on great deals.

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